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EMPA (Geo)EMPA (JEOL 8530F microprobe)Bld153-RmB67
EnvSEM (Geo)Environmental SEM (FEI XL30)Bld200-Rm129
GC green (Soil)GC for green house gasBld184-Rm456
GCMS (Chem)GCMS (PE Clarus 580 SQ8S)Bld153-Rm365
ICPMS (soil)ICPMS (PE NexION 2000)Bld184-Rm465
ICPOES (Chem)ICPOES (PE Optima dv4300)Bld153-Rm365
ICPOES (Soil)ICPOES (PE Optima dv8300)Bld184-Rm456
IRMS (Soil)IRMS (Thermo deltaV Flash2000)Bld184-Rm456
LecoCN (soil)C&N analyser (Leco TruMac)Bld184-Rm456
MicroCT (Geo)CT scanner (Nanotom)Bld200-Rm451
Py-GCMS (chem)Pyrolysis (CDS) GCMS (A 6890 5973N)Bld153-Rm365
SFA (Soil)Seg. flow analyser (Skalar San+)Bld184-Rm456
TGA (Chem)Thermogravimetry (PE TGA8000)Bld153-Rm365

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